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$3.5 Million Typos? Please stop.

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Typos are everywhere. They show up in the NY TIMES, text books, public signage, government forms, and in advertising copy.

In the TIMES, I get it – they publish many thousands of words every day. A couple of glitches here and there are to be expected. It’s actually impressive that there aren’t MORE. In text books, typos aren’t cool. Kids are trying to learn, and if you make them learn from flawed materials, you risk confusion and misunderstanding.

In public signage, it’s easy to see how bureaucracy and lack of attention may result in the occasional mistake. Likewise on a government form.

When it comes to display advertising, which is NOT CHEAP, there is almost no excuse for such mistakes. With so many writers, editors, designers, proof readers, printers and publishers in the mix, it is pretty galling that typos make their way in to $100,000 ads in newspapers and magazines, and sometimes on to billboards and signage.

But there is a special class of typo that has really been bugging me lately. Call it the $3.5 million typo. (more…)