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NBC – TV News Coverage

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

KNBC, the powerhouse Los Angeles-area NBC affiliate, has a new digital broadcasting initiative called Digital 4.4 News Raw. They produce lots of interesting coverage, including news and stories about cutting edge companies that might not get lots of mainstream attention in a more traditional broadcast news setting.

News Raw content airs on KNBC’s digital channel, on News Raw Online, and on the station’s various traditional/analog newscasts.

Last week, 2SWAP founder Todd Beck went in studio at KNBC for a sit-down interview with Digital 4.4 Anchor Mekahlo Medina. You can check it out here.

Mahalo, Mekahlo!

Remembering NBC's Tim Russert

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

One of the brightest lights in broadcast news went dark today.  Tim Russert, a leading political commentator, has been a fixture in televised political coverage for as long as I have followed the sport of politics.

In so many ways, he went too soon.

In his 50s.  That’s too soon.

With a college-aged son (just graduated, I understand).  That’s too soon.

On the verge of the 2008 presidential main event.  Russert’s own Olympics, and a season in which I’m sure he would have earned his fair share of gold medals for insightful coverage with the power to both elevate and guide the national conversation.

And two days before Father’s Day.  When he will be so sorely missed by his family.

Take a moment to wish Tim Russert peace, and his family healing.  And remember that he was the author of a popular book on the profundity of the parent-child relationship that’s worth reading (or re-reading).

The Word Is Cookie

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

2SWAP has gotten some more great press, this time from

Cookie is a parenting magazine and website for stylish, sophisticated parents. They gave 2SWAP a shout out in a story about ways to donate or swap things you no longer need.

We truly appreciate Cookie’s love and support. Now we’re going to go have a cookie.