Bacon Maple Bars @ Voodoo Doughnut and Wedding Chapel

This has nothing whatever to do with books or swapping, but I just had to post about Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon. Portland is renowned for its counter cultural civic bent, and the guys behind this one-of-a-kind doughnut shack certainly fit the bill.

Now, I should disclose that the traditional Maple Bar is among my top 5 doughnuts, a hallowed list filled out by the Maple Glazed French, the Stan’s Peanutbutter and Banana, and certain Apple Fritters (especially Arlene’s in West L.A., circa 1982, long before they turned it into a Starbucks). I’m not sure what my fifth doughnut is – probably the Krispy Kreme standard glazed, but let’s move on.

Voodoo offers a maple bar with a few crispy strips of bacon riding on top (pictured here). Yes, it sounds like it should be illegal, but there is precedent. First, bacon is often maple-cured. Next, Sona in Los Angeles makes a bacon ice cream that’s very, very good – smoky and sweet. Finally, Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles delivers waffles, butter, chicken, and maple syrup in a commingled and spectacular execution. So…salty…sweet…meaty….doughy…fried. I’m seeing a trend that says maple bacon bars are just fine. Next time I’m in Portland, I’ll check them out.

Oh, the madness doesn’t stop at the maple bacon bar. Voodoo offers Swahili lessons once a week (really), and they run a wedding chapel right there in the doughnut shop where they officiate weddings of all kinds – traditional, same sex, commitment ceremonies, pet weddings, you name it. $175 bucks gets you the chapel, the ceremony, and doughnuts and coffee for 10. A better deal is not likely to be had, unless you consider an unlimited number of gently used books absolutely free of charge to be a better deal. In that case, please keep rocking at 2swap.

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