LightWedge – not ready for primetime

I love gadgets, I love to read books, I love my wife, and my wife likes to go to sleep earlier than I do.LightWedge in action

“When are you going to turn off the light?” is a frequent topic of conversation around bedtime.

When I saw the LightWedge, I thought my problem was solved. This product is a clear plastic sheet with LEDs grafted onto one edge. It runs on AAA batteries. When laid flat on a page, it uses the physics of light channeling and reflection to illuminate the page, and nothing else. In theory, it would enable you to read a book in a completely dark room, without disturbing a sleeping spouse (or seatmate, in an in-flight situation).

So, I shelled out about $30 for the LightWedge. That night, I climbed into bed, turned off the lights, grabbed Guns, Germs and Steel and applied my new gadget. I flipped the switch and spent the next 10-15 minutes squinting at the too-dimly lit, wavy-looking pages.

This product is great, in theory. In my experience, however, it was good for about 5 minutes of reading before it stopped being worth the trouble. I’ll report back when I find a better bedtime reading light. Meanwhile, if you have a better product to suggest, please post a comment below and I’ll check it out and consider reviewing it here.

Meanwhile, my LightWedge does make a pretty decent bookmark.


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